Effort For Humanity


Efforts for Good Health, Education, Peace and Prosperity

Reg. No: 1062/26576D 120/2013-2014

(Registered Under Section 21 of Society Registration Act 1860)

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Helping Hand

There are many young children who feel that they are neglected and have very low confidence. We personally do their counselling to motivate them.

Education For Poor Peoples

The Compaign of Free Computer Education And Career Counseling to the students of unprivileged schools.


NEO VISION started a new program UPHAAR keeping one slogan in mind "SAVE ENVIRONMENT SAVE US".

 Neo vision is an organisation which have great interest in making an effort for educating poor people and guiding them for a bright future ahead. We believe in giving them a promising vision by enlightening them through education. We want to give them a gift of education and show them the power of learning so that they can make a good future ahead and become self sustained.

Education not only gives you a better life but also gives a society which is rich in moral values.

Our educational mission does't end merely by educating them but we are determined to give them a respectable future ahead. Our mission expands when it incorporates following Activities:

  •  Achieve universal primary education.
  •  Female education.
  •  Education for handicapped and unprivileged children.
  •  Ban Child Labour.
  •  Guiding poor people to become self sustained.