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Efforts for Good Health, Education, Peace and Prosperity

Reg. No: 1062/26576D 120/2013-2014

(Registered Under Section 21 of Society Registration Act 1860)

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Neo Vision Foundation has started With the positive approach of Mr Gajendra Ramola during his college days, a group of like minded people joined together and founded Neo Vision with vision of empowering the under privileged people of our society. Most of the guys who supported him are his college mates. Gajendra himself started this mission by providing free counselling and imparting computer education to many needy and deprived children. Inspiring with his sincere efforts some more people with similar vision joined him in this noble cause and started the never ending journey. Later on the efforts proved fruitful and his two teachers also accompnied him in strengthening his vision.


Mr Gajendra Ramola Programmer

Every human being has own dreams of leading his life. A very few among us have the guts to bring our dreams true. Gajendra Ramola is one among those "go getters" who believed in putting his best to help the underprivileged by using the greatest tool "EDUCATION". We all know "A pen is mightier than sword" but he is the one who wants to prove this once again. His efforts from the early days of his college by giving free tuitions to needy children or organising charity events for the needy people is the testimony of his firm determination which always inspired everyone.

With sowing the seeds of NEO VISION foundation, he is now committed to give his vision a true shape