Neo vision foundation has its core and leading project naming Gyanthokarsh. It focuses on making poor people computer literate. In the modern phase of fast pace technology today computer literacy is most important. Poor People are mostly striving to compete with that society where computer literacy is heart for any reputed job.

So our project Gyanothkarsh has a vision for providing computer education free of cost to the poor and deprived students. We provide free classes at various locations like govt schools, small private institutions for poor people and other such places.

There are places where the people cannot afford their own piece of computer desktop or laptop so for such places we even provide our own computer machine and laptop for their practice and learning.

We have a highly qualified faculty bunch which is associated to our vision and mission and which participate in such teaching activities and give their precious time and effort to our mission. We organise time to time workshop for poor people and not only teach them but also motivate them to build their self esteem and confidence.

Our efforts not only make them computer literate but we also would like to help them in getting a job for their future. Our job assistance to the poor people is a big initiative, which is cherished by those deprived people as it gives them a source of earning. In our starting efforts we are able in helping them by providing them job which starts from Rs5000 or more at different organisation.