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At Neo Vision Foundation, we believe that you, the donor, should decide where and how you would like to make a difference in their lives.
We offer a wide range of causes, organizations and purposes that will help the poorest of the poor. Your donation can really help change thefuture of the needy ones.

Bank: State Bank of India (SBI)
City : Dehradun
Branch : Kargi Grant
IFSC Code : SBIN0012936
Branch Code : 012936
Account Name : Neo Vision Foundataion
Account Number : 33090051272


If you want to extend your financial support, which is an important element and will further help us in doing some activities, then kindly look into the below mentioned ways:

Sponsor a Child's Education:
There are lots of kids who are below poverty line and are getting their primary education from not well equipped slum schools. Many of them are very bright and want to continue their education. You canlit happiness in their life and shape up their futureby sponsoring a child's education. Contact us if you are willing to sponsor a child's education. It is not mandatory to commit for the full time life education. You can continue as long as you are comfortable.

Donate a Desktop/Laptop:
You can donate us your used/old desktop or laptop computers. Even if it's not fully functional or of pretty old configuration it will help those children to learn who have never seen it before. We actively work for their informal education. We donate such Computers by making them functional to the needy slum or Govt schools.

Donate Old Clothes, shoes, toys etc.:
Over the years we tend to accumulate lot of things that later end up unused. We neither use them, nor do we throw them, but rather shove them to an unknown corner. We often fail to realize the real value of these long forgotten items, which otherwise would prove to be of immense value for the deprived and the needy, may it be children and people staying in shelter homes, slum areas and on the roads. Instead of piling things up, you can donate old clothes, toys, shoes, slippers, crockery, books, stationary etc. which we would then handover to those in pressing need.

We are currently only able to accept Indian Donations. While depositing donations to our banks, you are kindly requested to inform us about the donor’s Name, Address and PAN number for necessary documentation and issuing receipts in time. We also request you to kindly specify the purpose to which the donations are to be used.