Effort For Humanity


Efforts for Good Health, Education, Peace and Prosperity

Reg. No: 1062/26576D 120/2013-2014

(Registered Under Section 21 of Society Registration Act 1860)

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Achieve universal primary education:

We believe that everyone has the right to learn, educate and choose a respectable life for himself and for that the most needed step is Primary education. We are determined to give everyone the resource by which they can get primary education.

Promote gender equality.

Our belief says that everyone should be treated equal. We believe that not only male, female should be treated equal but transsexual also needed education most today .So we are determined to give whatever support we can to educate them.

Stop female feticide.

We are totally against any gender based discrimination. So we stand against female feticide.

Prohibit dowry system.

Even after 60 years of our freedom still women get exploited because of dowry system in our country. Even many of them commit suicide and few are even murdered because of this evil system. We totally condemn it and determined to help any women suffering from it.

Fight against Sexual harassment.

From Urban metro cities to rural villages' women had to face sexual harassment and it causes them to feel depressed and even commit suicide.

Female education

In our country the women are most deprived. So we support women to study not only for just learning sake but also for having a self dependent life.

Education for special and privileged children:

Everyone has the right to get education and even if they are special and privileged children. Our organisation also contributes their effort for nurturing them.

Ban Child Labour:

Those People who use small children to perform their business task perform a great crime and it must be stopped. So we intend to free small children from such activities and shape their life with bright colours of education.

Guiding poor people to become self sustained:

There are many young children who feel that they are neglected and have very low confidence. We personally do their counselling to motivate them.