Our Vision

What is the Neo Vision's long-term vision?

How much work has been done in this direction in the previous years? Does the NGO have plans or vision to scale up the projects?

Foundation's mission and vision is to develop a self-sustainable, self-driven education system for underprivileged children of slum areas in cities and remote areas in the range of Himalayas. Neo vision began his journey in 2013 with two children. Now, we are providing free education to 150+ students.

During the pandemic Neo Vision distributed ration almost 150 families living in Lakhi Bagh slum colony. Neo Vision Foundation recently launched its new wing "Neo Naari" to create awareness of a range of skills, including sewing, weaving, harvesting, etc. For environmental sustainability, we are running campaigns to promote cycling and tree planting.


We believe that everyone has the right to learn, educate and choose a respectable life for himself and for that the most needed step is Primary education. We are determined to give everyone the resource by which they can get primary education.


In our country the women are most deprived. So we support women to study not only for just learning sake but also for having a self dependent life.


Everyone has the right to get education and even if they are special and privileged children. Our organisation also contributes their effort for nurturing them.


Those People who use small children to perform their business task perform a great crime and it must be stopped. So we intend to free small children from such activities and shape their life with bright colours of education.